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    Unfiled Tax Return Canada

    Submitted by crataxrescuesupport

    Haven’t done your tax filing? Have a problem with Unfiled Tax Returns in Canada?

    CRA Tax Rescue – We Rescue Troubled Taxpayers! We are great at solving your tax problems.

    Unfiled Taxes Return Problem

    We know how stressful it can be trying to live a busy life and keep up-to-date with your taxes and other important matters such as works or family. You may be worrying about how you can get all tax caught up and move on with life.

    What you may already know is that the longer you wait the worse it becomes. If you have multiple years of unfiled taxes the penalties can double and can go up to 50% of the tax owing. On top, interest on tax owing does not stop and keeps compounding daily.

    Do Not Wait for CRA to Contact You Before You File!

    If you have unfiled Tax Return in Canada and you know you likely might have tax owing, it is the best strategy to act on it immediately by contact professionals for help.  Once you contact us, we’ll be in touch within or by the next business day and we can help relieve you from the tax troubles you are in. We’ll deal with CRA on your behalf so you don’t have to.

    Need Immediate Help? Call now to schedule a time for a free meeting, 1.866.611.6482

    Unfiled Tax Return in Canada Can Cost You

    If you owe tax and don’t file your return on time, CRA can charge a late-filing penalty of up to 17%.  

    If you are repeat late filer, the costs are even more. You can be charged a late filing penalties of up to 50%. That is rhalf of your tax owing. That does not include the compounded daily interests. Plus, you still need to add the tax owing itself.

    What you need to keep in mind is that you’re not alone.  We have many clients who are in the same situation or worse. We have helped them all. We surely can help you as well.  We’ll contact CRA on your behalf and coordinate with them to get you caught up on your taxes.

    Can not wait for our call back? Call us now to schedule a time for a free meeting, 1.866.611.6482