CRA Tax Rescue: Your Best Defence For Compassionate, Ethical CRA TAX Negotiation & CRA TAX Trouble Relief! 

Why CRA Tax Rescue

Over the years, CRA Tax Rescue and its group companies have helped thousands of individuals and businesses nationwide achieve peace of mind by negotiating the best possible resolution of their CRA tax troubles.

When life’s circumstances land you in a position where you need the best CRA tax negotiation firm, you can TRUST CRA Tax Rescue for affordable, effective and proactive tax negotiation services.

One thing is for certain, when it comes to CRA Tax Troubles the more help you have on your side the better. CRA Tax Rescue and its group companies have protected hard-working people from CRA’s legal actions, saving them from overwhelming CRA tax troubles they were in.  Often save them lots of monies over back taxes, penalties and interest.

The 3 Easy Steps To Tax Trouble Relief

Step 1

We offer a FREE confidential consultation to personally evaluate your specific tax situation, obtain all relevant information necessary, and recommend the best course of action for your particular tax situation. If you are interested, we can provide a service fee quote based on the services required to clear up your tax problems. Then you are free to make your own decision. No obligation No Pressure Guaranteed!

Step 2

If you decide to retain our services, our personalized approach will shield you from the CRA’s aggression. We begin with our detailed investigation of your CRA background information so that we can collect all information that is available to the CRA that may not be available to you.  We then will contact the CRA agent assigned on your case, if applicable, to start the negotiation. We will keep you informed along the way.

Step 3

Once we have performed our research, connected with CRA on your behalf, and dealt with any CRA deadlines, we begin the process of preparing the necessary documentation towards a resolution of your tax problems, placing you back on the path to CRA compliance and peaceful nights of sleep.


Highest Level of Honesty And Integrity

CRA Tax Rescue’s approach of honesty and integrity has not gone unnoticed in the industry. Having a tax negotiator on your side that practices virtue and candor is exactly what CRA Tax Rescue provides.

Alongside its aim to provide services at the highest level of honesty and integrity, CRA Tax Rescue also prides itself in being able to fight vigorously for the best outcome possible for every client they represent. CRA Tax Rescue’s team of professional and tenacious tax professionals have a proven track record of negotiating with the CRA to resolve serious tax troubles into manageable ones, saving you money, time and most importantly, saving you from the stress. No amount of debt is too big for the CRA Tax Rescue team to handle. Effectively negotiate with the CRA for the best tax resolution is what the team at CRA Tax Rescue does best.


Free Initial Consultation

Never charging a fee for an initial consultation, CRA Tax Rescue is ready and able to work with you to bring your situation into an optimistic view. No matter how serious your tax trouble may seem, The determined tax specialists at CRA Tax Rescue are more than able to find solutions that will satisfy all parties involved. Let the expert CRA Tax Rescue team take a look at your situation today and help assess the best option for you. CRA Tax Rescue is a trusted name that is synonymous with loyalty, integrity, ability, and most importantly, results!

CRA Tax Rescue services the entire country from the head office located in Richmond Hill Ontario. To find out more about how CRA Tax Rescue can help, get in touch by visiting our Contact Page or filling out the Contact Form to the right, or calling us directly at 866-611-6482.

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