When you face a CRA tax audit, the best kind of tax audit help that you can get is in the preparation for the audit.  It is not a good idea to go facing auditor alone unrepresented. It is like going into a battle unarmed and unprotected.

An experienced tax consultant becomes your best defense against the unpredictable queries of a CRA auditor. More often than not, a CRA audit will bring with it an auditor’s personal biases and his or her own perspectives on your tax returns. It is important on your part to seek tax audit help from a reliable tax consultant who can stand by your side and show you your rights to go through a fair tax audit.

Experienced tax consultants are perfectly placed to offer you tax audit help as they are trained and have the necessary expertise in Canadian tax system and the internal policies of the CRA. They are expert in fighting for your taxpayer’s rights. They will make sure that the tax audit is conducted on a fair basis and without you getting intimidated and bullied.

Over the years, CRA Tax Rescue and its affiliated group companies have helped many businesses and individuals in surviving their audits. No audit is easy. Get professional help is your best course of actions in self-protection from the attack by the CRA. Got an audit notice? Call us at 866.611.6482 or complete the contact form to your right to book a Quick and Free meeting today!