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    CRA Tax Rescue is a member of a group enterprise with a mission to help individuals and businesses to obtain resolution from their tax problems and relief from their struggles with the CRA.

    Unlike many companies, CRA Tax Rescue focuses on providing effectively and affordable service to resolve CRA related problems such as tax audit, tax appeal, unfiled back taxes, wage garnishments, bank levies, and a variety of other tax related problems.

    CRA Tax Rescue has set its vision to be an ethics and integrity focused tax negotiation firm by helping customers in every Canadian city with their tax troubles with the CRA. Our team includes Tax Consultants, Tax Attorneys, former CRA Tax Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and others with special expertise in the complex, ever-changing tax law field. CRA Tax Rescue has earned respect from our clients and even the CRA for maintaining a highly ethical and superior level of service.

    We have a small to medium sized team under our group umbrella. This ensures that on one hand, we have the expertise to provide a large firm service and on the other hand, be able to maintain proactive and personal touch with clients.

    The type of clients we helped and can help including the following:

    • Taxpayers getting tax audit, review request.
    • Taxpayers wanting to fight unfair tax (re)assessment.
    • Taxpayers with unreported income and want to waive potential prosecution and penalties.
    • Taxpayers with unfiled taxes typically for years and want to waive penalties.
    • Taxpayers owing big tax debts and can not afford to pay.
    • Taxpayers with income garnishment or bank levies or lien on properties
    • Taxpayers with complicated tax problems and could not get help from anyone.