CRA Tax Representation

The Benefit of Professional Tax Representation

When in tax trouble, you need to know that professional tax representation is a very powerful tool you can use to “even the odds” when you deal with the CRA.

CRA agents can be very aggressive and intimidating when they are making demands on you, the taxpayer.  However, when they have to deal with a professional representative, they tend to be much more flexible and more reasonable.

An experienced tax professional will know the best way to represent you in any tax situation. They will know all of the right questions to ask and how to properly present negotiate your case to the CRA so that you get the best results.

The CRA Tax Rescue Group has years of experience. We have a well-established service quality even known to the CRA.

Most taxpayers likely do not know all the tax rules and regulations that are applicable to your tax situation. The CRA agents do know their rules, however, they will usually only disclose the portion to you that is beneficial for the CRA, not the portion that would be helpful to you.  The job of CRA or Canada Revenue Agency, after all, is to collect revenue from you, not to be your friend!

Important Factors in Tax Representation

Over the years as a group, we have handled a great variety of different business and personal tax cases. We have accumulated exceptional tax resolution industry knowledge and expertise to help Canadian taxpayers in trouble.  We also learned from the past that it is not just about what you know it is also about how you treat clients with compassion and respect. We pride ourselves on providing our clients not only tax resolution and negotiation services but we also understand that “life happens” and issues like taxes do not always become the top priority in life.

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