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Do You Deed A Tax Audit Lawyer, Tax Attorney Or Specialized Tax Consultant

When in tax troubles, many taxpayers by default think that they need to work with tax audit lawyer or tax attorney to fix their tax problems with the CRA. However, what they do not know is that specialized Tax consultants are just as equipped with tax knowledge and experiences to deal with majority of your tax issues. Most times there is no need to hire a tax lawyer or tax attorney for good reasons.

Reasons Why Tax Lawyers or Tax Attorney May Not Be Best Suited For Your Needs

To start with, for example, if you have unfiled back taxes, you do not need tax Audit lawyer or tax attorney to file your taxes. In fact, lawyers are not trained and recognized by CRA as tax filing specialists.

The procedure for filing back taxes is straightforward. For other kinds of tax problems beyond the tax filings, you may want to contact a specialized tax consultant who specialize in tax problems resolution services.

Another obvious reason is the cost. When dealing with tax problems, most cases involve paperwork such as tax filing, tax adjustment or financial information compilation that is not tax Audit lawyer or tax attorney’s strong suit. Paying secondary professional accounting fees are added costs that taxpayers need to bear.

In many cases, the root causes for the taxpayers to be in tax troubles with with the CRA is that they do not have enough monies to pay their tax debts. Paying for bills from tax lawyers or tax attorney is simply out of their budget. Not to mention that the goals of most taxpayers in tax trouble are to reduce the amount owing to the CRA. It does not make sense to them to pay the monies saved from the CRA to the legal bills.

For Most Tax Problems, Specialized Tax Consultant Are Better Choice

Out of the most common tax problems or tax services, such as tax audit, unfair assessment, tax appeal, wage garnishment, bank freeze, unreported income, unfiled tax returns, tax debts owing, voluntary disclosure, tax payer relief, tax payment plan, etc. The Specialized Tax Consultant are better suited for those tax problems solution. They have the required expertise and experiences to resolve them all effectively.

Specialized tax consultant will assess your situation first to determine what is the root cause of the problems and then discuss with you what is the best course of actions to take to fix the problems. Most spcialized tax consultants do not charge for this initial consultation.

Only Less Than 1% of Taxpayers Do Need Tax Audit Lawyer Or Tax Attorney

In fact, based on CRA’s own statistics, only less than 1% of all Canadian taxpayers choose to go to tax court, in which case it is better to be represneted by Tax Lawyers or Tax Attorney. For the rest 99% tax payers are within the CRA’s administrative system. Canadian Income Tax Acts clearly dictate that, within the CRA’s administrative system, the same policies or rules apply to everyone. It does not get more flexible because of the involvement of a tax lawyer or tax attorney. As a matter of fact, CRA Tax Rescue’s specialized tax consultants have been working with clients who got better results from us rather than their former tax lawyers.

How We Can Help

As experienced tax professionals, CRA Tax Rescue can help you to deal with all of your tax problems with the help of our accumulated knowledge over the years. Our tax professionals deal with the CRA day in and day out. We have the know how to defend your tax interests effectively.

Contact us for help. We can help you with tax troubles of all levels. such as unreported income, back tax, tax debts, voluntary disclosure, income garnishment, tax debts, tax appeal, etc.

So call us to ask for a free initial consultation at 866-611-6482 or complete the CONTACT FORM to your right to learn what steps to take to fix your tax troubles TODAY!