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CRA Tax Appeal or Tax Objection Canada

Submitted by CraTax Rescue Support

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It Is NOT CRA Or Canada Revenue Agency’s Job To Treat You Fairly

CRA’s job is to collect as much tax revenues as possible and as quickly as possible. It is up to you to make sure that you are treated fairly. There are times when you have to file a CRA Tax Appeal (Tax Objection) to guard your hard earn monies. It is your right to speak up when there is an obvious injustice. If you keep quiet the CRA will demand an unfairly large amount of money from you.

Challenge Unfair Tax Result by CRA Tax Appeal Or Tax Objection

The CRA Tax Appeal is the way to challenge the decisions of the tax agency. Instead of just pay the extra tax without a protection, you have a right as a taxpayer to have your voice heard when you are treated unfairly. Without a fight, you lose 100% by default. However, that is not to say you should go ahead and fight without knowing what you are doing.  The CRA Tax Appeal (Tax Objection) is a time consuming and complex process that you might not be able to handle effectively on your own.

Warning: Do Not Missing Your Chance Of CRA Tax Appeal Or Tax Objection

Filing the CRA Tax Appeal (Tax Objection) prior to the deadline is very important or else you will lose your right to appeal. Taxpayers have only 90 days from the date of Notice Assessment or Notice of Reassessment to notify the CRA that they intend to fight. There are many taxpayers who found out that they have missed the appeal deadline when they they do not owe the CRA tax debts.  Do not let that happen to you.  Typically six to twelve months waiting period should be expected after the notice is received.

Key Success Factors In A CRA Tax Appeal Or Tax Objection

CRA Tax Appeal (Tax Objection) is a complicated process. There are many factors involved in achieving a optimum result. The most important factor is the experience and knowledge of CRA Tax Appeal system and rules. Experienced tax professionals can help you to avoid traps and mistakes that commonly experienced by other taxpayers or service providers who appealed inexperienced and unprepared. Working with experienced tax professionals saves time and money.

To increase your odds of winning a tax appeal, it is important to work with a very experienced tax professionals who can effectively assist you in navigating through the CRA appeal maze. They understand the tax laws and rules to better negotiate with the tax appeal agents.

Experienced tax professionals can get the best outcome for your CRA Tax Appeal (Tax Objection). The Appeal Officer who is assigned to your CRA tax objection is not involved in the assessing or auditing that leads to the issuance of the Notice of Assessment or Re-assessment. It is therefore important to present your objection with a strong case to increase the probability that the tax object result is in your favour.

At CRA Tax Rescue, we have the knowledge and experience to handle tax appeal of all kinds, be it a personal income tax appeal, be it a business income tax appeal, be it a GST/HST appeal, be it a payroll tax appeal, we have done them all with great results.

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