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You don’t just have to read about other people.  Your name and your story can be here, too.  You don’t have to hold on to that fear, worry, frustration, and hardship.  CRA Tax Rescue will lift that burden off of your shoulders — allowing you to get back to putting that time and energy into the things and people that matter the most to you.  Give us a call so that you, too, can be among our Success Stories!


Success Tax Stories

Ayanna I.

It seemed to me out of nowhere, the CRA crept up on me, demanding money. I thought I had been doing fine, because I filed my taxes every year and on time. But I made a mistake which came back to bite me – I didn’t take some tax credits I was actually eligible for because I didn’t do the worksheets to find out if I was. That’s part of what CRA Tax Rescue helped me to learn; about how it happened. Well, that mistake cost me, big time. Next thing I know, I owed the CRA taxes. I normally get refunds every year, so this was really new to me. My friend passed on the contact for CRA Tax Rescue. I went for it! When they were finished with my case, I only owed a couple of hundreds! I highly recommend CRA Tax Rescue because of my good results.

James K. J.

Not knowing I needed to report the pension and other investment income I had received from back home, I did not add the oversea income in my tax returns for many years. One TV commercial made me realize that the problem was serious. After few of those sleepless nights, I decided to call around for help. This was not something I am proud of and thus could not ask around friends and neighbors for referral. After some confusing search online and few in office meeting comparison, I decided to work with CRA Tax Rescue. It proved to be a sound decision because they helped me to figure out all sorts of complicated foreign income I had been making all those years. They also helped negotiate with government to waive huge penalties and interests I would for sure pay if I’d gone to other tax filing places on the street. I can’t recommend CRA Tax Rescue enough! They were kind, professional, respectful and patient the whole time. If they could turn my situation around, they should be able to help anyone!

Kim A.

After a major flood to the plaza we had operated in for last six years, we lost most of the paper files stored in basement. Another disaster hit when we got audited and was assessed with a huge tax debts owing because we did not have the paperwork and the auditor used Net Worth method of audit. Unable to deal with the problem, I called CRA Tax Rescue. They listened to all of my stories and offered to help with tax appeal.

It is a much more structured and less stressful experience this time around when CRA Tax Rescue helped to recover some of the missing documents and also negotiated with the CRA to have a different approach to prove the auditor was wrong when the appeal was not ready to let go some of the bigger audit assessed amount. Those ideas I would never be able to come up on my own. After a lengthy fight, the tax appeal resulted in a significant reduction of the original tax audited amount. I am pleased with the final amount. Thanks to CRA Tax Audit’s knowledgeable staff who fought hard for me.

Shakia U.

Running a growing business took lot of time and energy as there are so many things to take care of. Anything goes wrong, the business can be in troubles. Our paperwork has been done by anyone whoever had time. We were just trying to get by on day to day basis without losing control of the business.

Then the worst nightmare came, the CRA auditor came and wanted to see everything for last three years. We were worried, to say the least. Quickly searched up online and found CRA Tax Rescue who jumped on the case immediately started dealing with the auditor on the spot. That took some stress off us right then and there. We know we were in good hands. At the end of audit, CRA Tax Rescue helped to fight off many unfair proposed charges given by the CRA auditor. The final result is pretty much in line with what we had hoped for. Without CRA Tax Rescue’s help, we may have to pay a lot more that would put a huge hole to the business.

Enriche R.

I had a dispute with the CRA,  which I never could get resolved. They started garnishing my pay cheque, which was my only means of income. I contacted several well known tax law firms and started working with one of them, to try and rectify the problem. Thousands of dollars later, I still had no resolution and the company had even bothered to contact the CRA! I needed help, SO BAD. I researched the entire Internet, looking for somebody who could and would do what they claimed. From all the ones I found, a couple of them called back… but they did not sound right to me. Then CRA Tax Rescue showed up.  The most professional I had dealt with. They came up with a strategy that made sense to me. They helped me to file back taxes, and then they arranged a payment plan for me with the CRA. There is no way I can handle this on my own. And I can tell you how professional, honest, and compassionate they were about my situation. That came from every staff member I dealt with. I highly recommend them to everyone needing help with a tax problem.

Selena N.

Due to a major personal crisis and unexpected circumstances, I ended up not be able to file my taxes for many years. Starting earlier this year, I started to realize that I am in real trouble now. The snow ball effect took in place. Ignoring the problem was the wrong thing to do. I panicked and so I contacted CRA Tax Rescue, who were caring, compassionate and encouraging. They were so wonderful. They really listened to me and I could tell that they genuinely cared about me and my problem. I wasn’t just another case to them. They helped me to file all the taxes for all those years and also to remove the tax penalties that I’d been dreaded for years. I have nothing but appreciation towards the entire staff of CRA Tax Rescue. A HUGE weight was taken off of my shoulders and I can not thank enough many times for this this wonderful company and the help they gave me.

Michael C.

I want to thank your whole staff for being so professional and persistent in getting the CRA debt under control! CRA Tax Rescue got my Tax payment plan settled, just as expected. I had a tax debt that kept me awake at night and stressed me out during the day. Your staff took my case to deal with the CRA. Now I am in the process of paying my tax in a much smaller monthly amount than the lump sum CRA was asking for. I no longer feel the helplessness that I always felt from the CRA and I feel my life can now move forward. I would recommend CRA Tax Rescue to anyone.

Rosemary S. C.

CRA Tax Rescue team really rescued me, just when I needed it.  I found the CRA agent at my front door step, yes, literally knocking at my door, on my day off from work. It was unreal. I am a steady taxpayer and found out, by mistake, that I owed money from a closed business. I’m back in the regular 9-to-5 regular job now, and I don’t make much money, so it was really scary for me, as to what to do. I searched the Internet for help. There are a ton of advertisements about getting help, but who do you trust, how does it work, and could they really help me?  I called them. They immediately met me in the office. I gave them the paperwork requested and CRA Tax Rescue worked very hard, even when the CRA came back. They know what to do and did it. They protected me through all of the negotiations and made everything understandable. It is over now, I am glad that I decided to hire CRA Tax Rescue and this is all behind me.  I’m so glad I found them and could never thank them enough for what they did for us!

Derrick C.

Since I was late 20s, I ignored my tax filings. Not smart. Years of penalties and interest built up. I ended up over $100,000 in debt. Needless to say, the only thing I’d rebelled against was common sense.  I ended up finding CRA Tax Rescue, and they immediately went to battle for me. I was surprised how quickly CRA Tax Rescue was able to brought the tax owing amount to a much lower amount. Finally I can see an end in sight. I learned my lesson, but I also learned that mistakes don’t have to be permanent. Thank you, CRA Tax Rescue, for helping me through what could have been a horrifying situation!

Bessie L.

I can’t thank CRA Tax Rescue enough! I’m just a few years away from retirement, so the last thing I needed was to get letters from the CRA saying that I owed $30,000 – including penalties and interest. I’m a widow. I had never had trouble with the CRA before.  My tax guy filed my taxes wrong and got me into this tax bill. But CRA Tax Rescue was such a huge help to me. Turned something that seemed really scary into something I could handle, without all of the stress. My tax bill ended up only being a fraction of the original amount! I still can’t believe it. Thank you, CRA Tax Rescue, for helping me and my family to get caught up with the CRA, as well as to be able to keep roofs over our heads, clothes on our bodies, and food in our bellies.

Chantel F.

We got hit by the CRA, with notice after notice and bill after bill. The CRA is no joke, when it wants its money. When it came to them starting to talk about garnishments and levies, and they weren’t really working with what we had and could comfortably offer…that when we realized we really couldn’t just sit there and take it any more.  A week later.  CRA Tax Rescue put an end to all of the craziness we were dealing with. We didn’t have to receive another harassing phone call or letter again. It had all been a burden on our shoulders and it was wonderful to be done with it so quickly. Thank you, for your help!

Dominique M.

I’m not an accountant and I’ve never been all that good with numbers. I’ve always tried to do the right thing and work hard and pay my bills and everything, but I messed up on those forms. I learned the hard way, when I started getting registered letters in the mail, from the CRA. They said I owed more money than I’ve earned in the past two years. I was stressed out and confused. My friend told me about the time when something like that happened to him. He said he used CRA Tax Rescue and so I gave them a call then went down to their office. The staff was real cool and you could tell they were real genuine. They seemed like they cared what was happening to me. I don’t know the details of their works, but they must have meant business, because the CRA has not bothered me since. I hope never to have something like that happen again, but I know that if it does, CRA Tax Rescue will hook me up and get it resolved real quick.

Anthony N.

I’ve gotta admit that I was scared when I got an CRA notice about wage garnishments. I wasn’t even making that much money to begin with. Then the actual garnishments started and it really put me in a bind. I was able to borrow enough money to help pay my regular bills, plus food and gas for my truck and everything… but I couldn’t borrow enough to just pay the tax bill off. They wanted full payment. I saw a commercial for CRA Tax Rescue and it seemed like it just couldn’t hurt any worse than what was already happening, to try. Best decision, ever! They got me sorted out. My wage garnishments stopped and CRA Tax Rescue negotiated a payment plan that I could actually deal with. Today, I owe zero taxes and next year I’ll actually be getting my first refund in years!

Linda L.

I have been running my consulting business for over 10 years and was too busy to take care of corporation tax filings. I got so worried that recently one of my clients had got audited. I knew it’s coming. I was about to face a major crisis. The thought of owing big taxes and losing my house made my stomach sick.  CRA Tax Rescue took me aside, almost like a guidance counselor, laid out all of my options and really walked me through every step of the way. Next thing I knew, the headache was a distant past and I was able to live without selling my house. I would recommend anyone to CRA Tax Rescue, any day of the week!

Clint M.

My business went under years ago with large tax owing. To make things worse, I hired a well-known company which advertised on TV and said it could get me a settlement. I paid a lot of money but got absolutely no results. I recently found out that they were in a law suit with other clients, so I’m glad I got out when I did. I found CRA Tax Rescue who swooped in and took care of everything. I didn’t have to make another phone call or write another letter to the CRA. They handled everything. I mean everything and have gotten my life back on track – albeit, now as a sole proprietor. CRA Tax Rescue even did my latest tax return for me. Don’t let the CRA intimidate you. There’s good people like the ones at CRA Tax Rescue, who will be on your side and get your situation fixed up in no time!

Harold & Melissa S.

We had run our own business for a few years but, at some point, hit a wall. The corporate taxes were not filed and CRA filed for us. Then we couldn’t pay it… it was like $40,000 in taxes. We gathered the paperwork and tried to get some help to deal with the CRA debt. It went on for what seemed like forever and did not get anywhere. It made a tricky situation an impossible one. We found CRA Tax Rescue. They really know their stuff and they work fast. They filed everything quickly and the final tax debt was a fraction of what the CRA had estimated. We’re so grateful that CRA Tax Rescue was around – we don’t know what we would have done without them.

Jacob and Brianna C.

What a RELIEF to find a caring and reassuring company to deal with our battle with the CRA. We kept hitting dead ends and weren’t getting anywhere on our own. You guys answered all of our questions and always had a good comeback whenever the CRA tried to give us trouble. You caught mistakes they made – some of which we knew about and tried to tell them about, but they wouldn’t listen… and others we just don’t have the experience to see. You got them to get rid of charges we didn’t actually owe and to reduce ones that we did… saving us lot of taxes. There’s no question that without CRA Tax Rescue, we probably would have had to do a short sale on our house and be in a rental house somewhere. Thanks for coming through for us, and finding the right solution for what was happening to us.

Grainger M.

I stayed up for I don’t know how many late nights, wondering how I would get through with this messy tax audit I had. It was like struggle in the dark on your own.  I could not deal with the nasty and unreasonable auditor anymore. I began to do some research and ask around… it led me to CRA Tax Rescue. Yes, CRA Tax Rescue helped. They got the CRA to settle for less than what I had expected. I’m so relieved, because I felt that I would never be able to have the family life for my child that I wanted her to have, because of being in such a mess. It feels really good to be able to be free of the tax problems that was crippling our family situation. Thanks so much, for helping us!